We always act in accordance with ethical and professional standards
We do the right thing for our society, our stakeholders, our customers, our employees and ourselves
We communicate openly, sincerely
We undertake the responsibility of our behaviors and fulfill our obligations
We act in accordance with the text and spirit of the contracts we sign
We adhere strictly to the principle of confidentiality


We respect the rights of our employees, our customers, our stakeholders and the society
We obey the law and legal rights
We act without prejudice, we respect and value all beliefs, culture and all other differences
We respect the rules of the company, we know that violations of rules are disrespectful
We express our ideas in the frame of respect
We focus on solving disagreements, we strive for reconciliation


We share information with each other,we learn together,we develop together
We are flexible and responsive to the end, and we easily share the necessary information and data with our colleagues
We believe in sharing power, we support each other on good and bad day
We clearly share what we can and can not do in our relationships with our stakeholders


We value teamwork
We know that sustainable success can only be achieved through teamwork
We are not confined to the job description, but we do the best we can to fulfill what we are capable of
We take individual initiative to cooperate with other employees


We exhibit behavior that care and value people
We do not act arrogant at all, we have a win-win approach to all our relationships
We want our customers to be front-line, we know that their success is our success
With our modest approach we listen to the wishes of all our stakeholders and make sure that we understand correctly
We act with the consciousness of the added value that we create at work, working with the desire to increase it


We will prioritize excellence in the results we achieve and the way we achieve them
We act with the principle of "Do what you do best, make it in a moment" principle, we apply the innovations in a flawless way
We will improve our processes by continually raising the standards of doing business
We do all our work with planned schedule
We use the initiative proactively to reach the optimal result when necessary
We have a global vision and we closely follow developments in our sectors
​We care about mistakes, we talk about mistakes, we learn from mistakes, we try not to repeat mistakes